E Cigs Review – are they good for you?

As a smoker, you’ve probably been hearing about electronic cigarettes, or “e cigs.” What are electronic cigarettes? Do they really live up to all the hype, or do they fail to replicate the smoking experience? Can they really offer as much to enjoy as traditional cigarettes? Is it true that they open up a world of possibilities as far as flavours go, and that you can use them to quit smoking nicotine? How do you find a good e cig manufacturer? What do you need to get started with e cigs?

What is E cigs

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered gadgets which are designed to mimic real cigarettes in appearance and purpose. Not only do they look like real cigarettes (to varying degrees), they also allow you to enjoy the familiar sensations of smoking down to a perfect draw and a cloud of smoke-like vapor. The vapor is not smoke, and is produced from the ingredients contained in a disposable component called a cartridge. Those ingredients, filtered through an atomizer, become the vapor you inhale. Some cartridges are cartridges-and-atomizers-in-one, and are known as “cartomizers.”

E cigs come as a surprise to many new customers who try them out for the first time; you might not think that anything could replace a real cigarette, but in the case of e cigs many customers are very satisfied. E cigs not only do a great job simulating the experience of smoking, but they are also very customizable since many different flavours are available for the cartridges which go inside. The e cig itself is a reusable device which is built to last, so after you get your first electronic cigarette, battery and charger, cartridges are the only components you need to worry about purchasing on a recurring basis thereafter. These cartridges can be filled with your choice of liquid from the e cig manufacturer. Not only can you choose the flavouring, but you also often can choose whether or not the cartridge will contain nicotine and tobacco.

E cigs cost

Do electronic cigarettes cost a lot? There is an initial up-front cost which you (usually) need to pay to get your first electronic cigarette starter kit (the e cig itself, the charger and the battery which powers it): usually because some manufacturers give away starter kits if you sign up for a free trial. Others price their starter kits low so that you can afford to give them a try. Some companies sell disposable e cigs which offer you only a limited number of puffs but which you can buy cheap to try out the concept before you commit to a starter kit.

The fact is, though, your e cig starter kit will likely pay for itself pretty quickly. Electronic cigarette cartridges are usually equivalent to a pack or more of cigarettes each. They only cost a few dollars and are cheaper than cigarettes. While some people start smoking electronic cigarettes for their health or because they want access to the wide flavour selection, for many smokers the decision is a financial one. Because you’ll be saving money on cartridges, you’ll be making a long term investment when you buy your starter kit.

This is just a broad introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes; before you plunge in you will probably want to do more research. Reading e cig reviews by other customers can persuade you as to the advantages of electronic cigarettes. You can also peruse reviews which customers have written about specific manufacturers. Different manufacturers have different prices and starter kit offers, all of which you’ll want to be familiar with before you make your selection. Some manufacturers offer more in the way of flavouring variety as well. If quitting nicotine is an important consideration, you will want to check to see if you can purchase cartridges with zero nicotine. E cig reviews can also help you learn about customer service profiles of different e cigs companies.

Electronic cigarettes are different from traditional cigarettes, but they afford many of the same pleasures. They also offer benefits which traditional cigarettes do not in terms of variety and affordability. Enjoy reading e cigs reviews and learning more about this new gadget which is taking the smoking world by storm!