How A Confident Smile Can Boost Your Career

When we meet someone for the first time, our smiles are their first indicator of our personality, how we feel, and our response towards them and how we look after ourselves.

Positive smiles open doors for new opportunities

Whether attending a business opportunity, going for a job interview, or simply networking, our smiles may give a positive or negative impression to others.

A bright and positive smile shows confidence in dealing with others, a willingness to want to work with others and how we may fare in team work. A negative impression may have the opposite effect and lose us a career opportunity or business venture.

Confidence and our presentation play a major role when competing for interviews or business contracts.

Career coaches often focus on developing a person’s smile so that it emits confidence regardless of what the individual is faced with in social and business settings. See more information.

Aesthetically-pleasing smiles boost esteem and attraction

Having misaligned and protruding teeth may detract from a smile, making it look crooked and affecting how an individual is perceived. The same is true if the teeth in the smile zone are discoloured or unclean. If teeth appear yellowed or plaque is visible, it may be quite off-putting to another.

Cosmetic dentistry such as invisible braces and teeth whitening, combined with a daily oral hygiene regimen, keeps teeth and smiles looking fresh and beautiful.  A dental hygienist scales and polishes teeth for the ultimate finish.

If you are experiencing bleeding gums or tooth sensitivity, we recommend visiting a periodontist so they can successfully diagnose and treat your dental problems.

Smiles are an indicator of enthusiasm for a career choice

Although we may not be mind-readers, we do get a sense when someone smiles of their sincerity or how they feel at the time.

Employers and potential business partners often evaluate an individual’s facial expression and smile as an indicator of the person’s passion for a career choice or the likelihood of their commitment to a business venture. Click here.

A smile expression may show concerns to proceed with a firm or business venture. Facial dynamics similarly show how a person responds to other personalities they may have to work with for long hours on a daily basis.

Confident smiles express control over emotions

If an interviewer does not know a person being interviewed very well, observing an individual such as in interview testing or role play, helps to identify how they respond emotionally to challenges. Confident smiles express an ability to be in control over emotions during challenging times. Tasks given during interviews are often aimed at determining a person’s resilience.

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