Natural facial treatments – achieve a natural makeover within your own home

It’s surprising to know that some of the key ingredients that we need to develop store-bought beauty products are a part of our home. These ingredients will cost just a fraction of what you need to spend at beauty stores. In order to get a natural facial treatment at home, you may go through your garden, kitchen pantry or your refrigerator. You won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to achieve such a natural beauty makeover.

Avocado is a tropical fruit, which is rich in oil and full of potassium and vitamins. For both your hair and skin it acts as an emollient. Its anti-aging properties along with its moisturizing qualities make its oil more useful for creating commercial skin preparations.

It really makes a good mask and creates a wonderful soothing and calming effect on your sunburned and sensitive skin. You may apply grated chilled or sliced cucumber on the face, and then keep it like that for about 30 minutes. Then you can rinse it off.

Eggs bear some natural skin toning and conditioning properties which helps in hiding the appearance of fine lines and pores on the surface of your skin. You may bind other ingredients with eggs to create a base, and also use them as a hair thickener and conditioner.

Honey acts as a key ingredient for lip balms, cleansers, masks and moisturizers. It is also famous for its anti-bacterial and skin conditioning effects.


Lemons are a key component in exfoliators and toners due to their quality as a natural astringent. Lemons help in lightening pigmentation and removing excess oil. That’s the reason why you consider them good for your greasy and oily skin.

Oatmeal heals and softens your sensitive skin, and adds more value to your mask. You can mix a certain amount of milk or water with it and apply it as a mild exfoliant.
In order to develop successful natural facial treatments you may now select a few out of bountiful treatment items. Look through our Mother Nature if you want your skin to glow, and save money by avoiding anti-aging store products that are so expensive.