Residential rehab does not work for everyone

Why do people rely on residential rehab?

People who look to get help in drug rehab centres do so because they believe it is the best way for them to overcome any addiction.

Residential rehab is a common treatment method for those who decide to get help for their addiction and want access to constant support and medical attention.

People who live in London may decide on getting treatment in a residential facility outside of the city so they can concentrate on getting better.

It doesn’t matter why someone may choose to get help on a residential basis.

The important thing is that they are getting professional help.

What is residential rehab?

People who get help as an ‘inpatient’ are getting treatment from a residential rehab facility.

Residential rehab refers to a patient who is treated inside a medical facility, rather than being treated for their addiction at home.

Some people choose residential rehab to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety related to them and their addiction treatment.

Whether the person has a drug, alcohol, medication or any behavioural addiction – there are ways for them to get help.

The best places to get help

There might not be a specific location that someone has in mind when deciding to get help for their addiction.

But, those who want to get treatment for their addiction may have an idea of the place they what they want when getting treatment.

  • An isolated area so they cannot access alcohol and/or drugs
  • Being away from their home so they can concentrate on getting better
  • Ability to ‘disconnect from their regular life so they can focus on getting better
  • Proximity to physical and mental health support when they require it

Benefits of residential rehab

Individuals may decide to get help for their addiction outside of London because they believe rehab centres away from the city have better treatments and a healthier environment for addicts.

By going to get help for their addiction in a rehab centre, patients can benefit in different ways from their stay.

  • Access to an excellent therapy and detox programme
  • A balanced diet during the stay
  • Constant supervision
  • Their only focus is to focus on themselves

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By choosing a residential rehab centre, the patients will have access to excellent treatments and they will be able to interact with other people (staff and other patients) about their treatment progress.

If you are struggling with an addiction, you do not need to ignore help.

On the NHS website, there is free information about how to get help for any addiction.